Ask Fubuki Shirou
i faded out of the inaz fandom quite a while ago tbh, but i'd still like to thank you for inspiring to register on tumblr <3 two really awesome years here and counting, and if i never discovered your askblog, i probably wouldnt have ever even bothered to register on tumblr lmao (btw, free, frozen and dangan ronpa references!!! ilysm omg)

(( Sorry for the late reply. I was going to draw something but haven’t had enough time to do so.. Thankyou so much! It gives me so much motivation to continue this blog because of it ))

Elsa’s a celebrity, right?

((I haven't been on tumblr for a while and kind of out of the inaire fandom since like.. GO debut time;; BUT ANYWAY saw one of your replies on my dash and I was like OMG I REMEMBER AND MISS THIS BLOG SO MUCH. Literally just went through 15 pages and it really brought the inaire/goufubu feels back ;__; So thanks for updating this blog!))

(( Thanks! To be honest,  I’ve stopped following GO ever since they went to space and I am still super bitter that Fubuki didn’t get into Best Eleven team when all the other main characters got in.. just lost by one place in the rankings.. hitori wa yadaaa yooooo. May catch up later………… Though my love for Fubuki etc is still strong! I really love the original inaire. I have to apologise that I don’t really update as much, or draw properly for this blog anymore, but it’s really thanks to everyone that it’s still running! ))

What would you name your kid if you had one??

What about… Gousetsuji…? (◦‿◦)

I don’t know the password to the blog, but Gouenji-kun did mention that he put a password when he got pestered a lot to answer the questions, and many of the questions and messages were not very courteous.  He is a pretty busy person after all